Less is more... delicious


How do you advertise a child snack to busy parents? Me and my team at Smith Brothers thought by taking them back to their simplest childhood memories. Therefore, our initial ideas focused around re-introducing the target back to their youth. The two ways we came into this was by giving directions on obvious wholesome activities such as climbing a tree, or introducing an object through the lens of a child’s imagination.

Initial Ideas

Climb a Tree

This is a spaceship

Final Print

We decided to move further with the childhood activity route because it was much more quickly apparent. We played off the simple nature of the product, the three ingredients, and aligned them with three simple steps. The visual approach is that of a storybook which had a immediate cue to childhood and distanced the brand from their competition.

Final Web

Carrying the concept to the web, we wanted to enhance the experience by using video to bring the moments to life. Instead of the normal lofty sweepstakes to win a trip for four to Honolulu, users can win simple childhood toys like yo-yos and sidewalk chalk. For banners users are surprised by children climbing a tree into or flying a kite across websites.

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