Announcing a celebration of love and romance


When my friend Casey asked me to come up with a design for he and Monica's wedding invitations, I was honored. Whenever they told me the location of the wedding, The Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, PA, I was thrilled. The Colonial has rich history, including hosting Vaudeville performances. I immediately started researching this genre, and found a beautiful quirkiness in how the posters were written.

Initial Ideas

Although I was drawn towards the Vaudeville theme, I wanted to present them with multiple options. I thought it would be interesting to pass out the invitations sort of as theatre show playbills. I took most of the visual cues from shakespearian age shows. The wedding information is placed under the Prologue section, while Act I is to be continued.

Final Invitation

When starting to layout the Vaudeville concept, I gathered as many phrases from as many show posters as I could and started placing them in a format reminiscent of them. I started to mold the lines with the wedding details in order to make the invitation look as close to the source as possible. When using block type, sometimes various type weights would be used in a single line due to missing letters in a given weight. I deliberately created this effect to sell the idea further.

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