A refreshing campaign for Del Monte®

Splash Page

I've gotten the opportunity to work on a lot of Del Monte products while at Smith Brothers. This product, however, brought a clean slate in terms of graphic style. For a short term splash page I wanted to introduce the product with a bright fruitful design that gets the essential product information across.

Email Newsletter

When translating the campaign to an email newsletter, I tried to maintain the same simple messaging as the splash page. The product gets an upfront focus while the eye is carried into the secondary information with a block of color.

Website Approaches

Various concepts for the website were developed. The first one I gravitated towards was this more simple version focused around the variety of flavors in the feature area.

Another approach to the website was created around the idea of making smoothies the Easy Way or the Hard Way. Users can click to see the feature part of the site "flip" and compare the number of steps it takes to make a smoothie each way.

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