Choice beans, passionate baristas, and ... bicycles.


I had the great opportunity to work with some old friends on an identity for Tazza D'Oro. In their own words, "We love coffee, we love bicycles and we love creating community all centered around a carefully prepared cup of coffee or espresso."

Initial Ideas

First Approach

I immediately gravitated towards the beautiful signage on old italian cafes. I developed a typeface inspired by such signage. This enabled T'DO to have a authentic look while having a signature typeface to use for all materials. Striped lines inspired from the awnings seen at certain cafes were used as texture. The signature apostrophe is derived from the shape of a cup of coffee.

Final Approach

Italian bicycles are ridden with beautiful design elements. A hand drawn calligraphic logo mark was made with certain bicycle graphics in mind, along with a variety of seals that are reminiscent of the faceplates on the front of such bikes. A set of iconography, alternative seals, and stripes were used to create a holistic identity that all relates to the concept.

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